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The University of North Carolina (UNC) Tobacco Prevention and Evaluation Program (TPEP) provides expertise in formative and summative evaluation for a broad range of public health initiatives. TPEP provides independent evaluation of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Tobacco Initiatives and has worked nationally and with state partners, including in Louisiana, New Mexico, and West Virginia.

TPEP press releases:
11/07/2011 - Breathe Easy, Live Well promotes smoking cessation and wellness among people living with severe and persistent mental illness.

6/09/2011 - Youth tobacco prevention media campaign reaches record levels of awareness

6/10/2011 - Smoke-free outdoor spaces on college campuses are widespread across North Carolina
Tobacco Prevention and Evaluation Programs - TRU Housed since 1995 in the Department of Family Medicine, which is ranked #3 in the nation by US News & World Report and recognized as a national leader, TPEP works in a distinctive environment that allows access to experts in multiple clinical and academic fields.

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